When you lay your hands on these beautiful prawns, you need a dependable recipe for a simple, spicy sauce that will complement the prawns and highlight their natural textures and flavours. AB Products’ Sweet Fire Zesty Chilli sauce is the ideal sauce partner that will lend your prawn dish an energetic zing and a sweet, peppery aftertaste.

• 8 Large prawns
• 80ml AB Products’ Sweet Fire Zesty Chilli sauce
• 30ml Sesame oil
• 1 Large lemon

prawns.ingred prawns2

1. Mix the Sweet Fire sauce, sesame oil and lemon juice together.
2. Devein and butterfly the prawns.
3. Clamp in a BBQ grill and cook over medium coals for approximately 7-8 minutes, basting frequently with the sauce.
4. Serve with fresh greens accompanied by carrot and sweet potato mash.

Bon Appétit!