Sun-Joy Raisins

Sun-Joy is a healthy and nutritious lunchbox addition. Our seedless raisins make a wholesome snack that will help your child feel full and satisfied all day long.

Raisins are rich in B vitamins, iron and potassium, and as a sweet, chewy snack it is a great alternative to sweets and chocolates. This nutritionally concentrated fruit will also contribute to your child’s daily required fruit intake and is an excellent source of carbohydrates that will supply your child with enough energy to get them through their daily activities. The iron in raisins supports your child’s immune system and assists their bodies to grow healthy and strong.









With its natural sugar and very little sodium and fat, Sun-Joy’s raisins can be a part of a healthy lunchbox solution. Each packet contains 10 x 16g boxes which is a 2-week supply of individual Sun-Joy seedless raisins boxes.

Sun-Joy raisins are available at most Pick ‘n Pay  and Spar stores in the Western Cape and other small shops. Call 083 703-9835 to inquire about the stockist nearest to you.

The recommended retail price is R30 for a packet of 10 small boxes (2-week supply) – only R3 per day.

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