As this is our first recipe for 2015, we wanted to offer you a special one – and here it is! Savoy cabbage pairs really well with meat, so we have included a juicy, mature rump steak in this dish. Artichoke is another veggie that many people tend to stay away from as they don’t know how to clean an artichoke heart – here is a great video to help you master this skill.


• 50ml AB Products olive oil
• 2 Small Savoy cabbage
• 4 Artichoke heart quarters
• 1 Small onion
• 500ml Chicken stock
• 2 Rashers bacon (optional)
• 1 Cup risotto rice
• Salt & pepper

• Mature rump steak (350g)
• Vegetable (I used rainbow carrots)


1 Heat a saucepan with olive. Fry chopped onion until it starts to brown.
2 Add the bacon and Savoy cabbage. Sauté until just tender.
3 Add artichoke heart. Season with salt and pepper. Remove cabbage mixture from the saucepan.
4 Add some more olive oil to the pan (with the remaining oily flavour from the onion and bacon) and fry the risotto rice until it just starts to colour
5 Douse with stock to stop frying and start cooking the rice.
6 Add stock to the risotto little by little, allowing the rice to slowly absorb the liquid and cook.
7 One all the stock is used, check if the rice is cooked. If not, add some more water and check again after the water is absorbed.
8 Once you are happy that the rice is cooked, set aside and fry the steak of in a hot pan. Season with salt and pepper and allow to rest while finishing the dish.
9 Add the Savoy cabbage mix to the cooked risotto and stir through. (At this point, you can add extra butter and Parmesan cheese if you like a richer risotto)
10 Slice the steak and arrange on the risotto. Serve with grilled vegetables of your choice.

Bon Appétit!