This healthy summer salad is made with seasonal fruit and veggies, and topped with cured salmon.

Gravadlax comes from the Scandinavian words “grav”, which means “grave” and “lax” which means “salmon”. This translates to “buried salmon”. During the Middle Ages, fisherman used to salt and lightly ferment the salmon by burying it in the sand above the high tide line.
Today we no longer ferment the fish but we cure it with a mixture of salt, sugar, pepper, lemon and dill.

• 200g Fresh Trout or Salmon – deboned and skinned
• 50g Coarse salt
• 50g Sugar
• 5g Crushed black pepper
• Zest of one lemon – keep the lemon for slices on the platter
• 10ml Chopped dill

• 4 Fresh strawberries quartered
• 1 Punnet asparagus – cleaned and blanched
• 1 Avocado – sliced
• 4 Pickled quail eggs or 2 hard boiled chicken eggs
• 1 Packet wild rocket

• 2 Teaspoons AB Products Wasabi & Sesame mayo


1. First make the Gravadlax by curing the trout/salmon in a mixture of salt, sugar, black pepper, lemon zest and dill for at least 6 hours.

To cure:
- Place salmon on a large tray.
- Spoon first the salt, then sugar and pepper, and finally the zest and chopped dill evenly over the fish.
- Pat down, then cover the tray tightly with cling film.
- Put another tray with some weight on top of the salmon (a few tin cans) and put in fridge.

2. Rinse the fish of the curing and pat dry with a kitchen towel. Wrap the Gravadlaz and keep refrigerated until needed (it can keep in the fridge for at least 10 days).
3. Combine the salad ingredients (strawberries, asparagus, asparagus and rocket) on a platter and add some thinly sliced Gravadlax on top.
4. Finish with dollops of Wasabi & Sesame mayonnaise, freshly ground black pepper and lemon wedges or slices.

Enjoy and savour!


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