As a budding cook, you have probably heard about pairing coffee flavours with red meat. This marinade uses good African espresso and African spices to create a delicious meat marinade. The turmeric gives the steak a lovely golden sheen and the Malagasy sauce, coffee and chili combine to create an incredible taste sensation. Try it!

• 100ml Good quality African espresso
• 50ml Olive oil
• 30ml Malagasy Green Peppercorn sauce from AB Products
• 5ml Turmeric
• 2.5ml Cumin
• 2.5ml Nutmeg
• 1 Small red chili

marinade - coffee marinade - steaks

• Mix all the ingredients together and allow to steep for an hour or so to allow the flavours of the spices to really integrate the sauce.
• Add your beef steaks to the marinade (preferably rump) and marinade overnight.
• Braai over glowing coals or cook in a hot pan.

Enjoy with a delicious red wine!

marinade - finale