Spring rolls are appetisers found in East and Southeast Asian cuisine. The Vietnamese version of this dish is typically made with chopped meat, pork, crab or chicken and veggies using rice paper wrappers, and is usually served with a sweet dipping sauce at room temperature.
Our version is a deliciously tasty chicken spring roll with spring onion, corn, spinach, red pepper, coriander and curry paste, cooked in sesame oil to round off that characteristic Asian flavour.

The only possible tricky part is to work with the delicate rice paper – see the video at the bottom of this blog to see how Abe does it.

• 12 sheets of rice paper
• 3 Free Range chicken breasts
• 3 Spring onions
• 50ml Whole sweet corn kernels
• 1 Red pepper
• 1 Small bunch of spinach
• 1 handful of fresh coriander
• 2.5ml Green curry paste
• 10ml Sesame seeds
• 20ml Sesame oil
• 50ml AB Products Sweet Fire Chilli sauce
• 50ml Honey
• 100ml Soya Sauce

ChicRolls - chop ChicRolls - pan

1. Put your wok on high heat before you start preparing your ingredients.
2. Cut the chicken breasts and vegetables into thin strips.
3. Stir fry the chicken in sesame oil first and then the vegetables.
4. Add the sesame seeds and green curry paste. Stir together thoroughly and allow to cool.
5. Mix the sweet chilli sauce, honey and soy sauce to make your dipping sauce.
6. When the chicken mixture has cooled, add finely chopped coriander.
7. Just before using, soak the rice paper in cold water to soften (for about 1 minute).
8. Place chicken mixture in the middle and roll up, tucking in the sides (like a spring roll).
9. Arrange on serving plate with the sauce.

To see Abe Conradie make this dish, click on this video: Chicken rolls with spicy soy dip (video)

ChicRolls - pan ChicRolls, finale

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