Coconut longline hake with veggies

Hake can be quite bland, so any hake-based dish needs to include “supporting acts” that are full of colour and flavour. This simple dish includes some colourful veggies and a creamy, zesty sauce to take this dish to the next level. Simple, wholesome and tasty – enjoy! Ingredients (serves 2 people): • 400g Longline hake […]

Sweet and Spicy Nigerian Tiger Prawns

When you lay your hands on these beautiful prawns, you need a dependable recipe for a simple, spicy sauce that will complement the prawns and highlight their natural textures and flavours. AB Products’ Sweet Fire Zesty Chilli sauce is the ideal sauce partner that will lend your prawn dish an energetic zing and a sweet, […]

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus with Malagasy Green Hollandaise

This is a really easy and elegant starter that you can prepare earlier and then grill just before serving. The salty, crispy bacon wrapped around the fleshy, crunchy asparagus spears is perfectly complemented by the zesty, creamy Hollandaise sauce. Ingredients: • 2 Bunches of asparagus • 8 Rashers streaky bacon • 4 Egg yolks • […]

Savoy Cabbage and Artichoke Risotto

As this is our first recipe for 2015, we wanted to offer you a special one – and here it is! Savoy cabbage pairs really well with meat, so we have included a juicy, mature rump steak in this dish. Artichoke is another veggie that many people tend to stay away from as they don’t […]

East African Coffee and Malagasy meat marinade

As a budding cook, you have probably heard about pairing coffee flavours with red meat. This marinade uses good African espresso and African spices to create a delicious meat marinade. The turmeric gives the steak a lovely golden sheen and the Malagasy sauce, coffee and chili combine to create an incredible taste sensation. Try it! […]

Thai chicken curry – the quick and easy version

This light chicken curry is a tasty meal that you can whip up in less than 30 minutes; perfect for the summer holidays or a quick, nutritious dinner for the whole family. The fresh ginger, chilli and sesame oil lend a mouth-watering aroma to this dish, and the butternut, mange tout and beans ensure that […]

Almond crusted hake fillets

Hake is one of the most inexpensive fish options in our stores but can be quite a bland fish. However, this recipe will change the way you view Hake forever! The almonds are crunchy, the pepperdews lends a subtly sweet and slightly spicy kick, and the lemon zest balances the flavours with a touch of […]

Chicken rolls with spicy soy dip

Spring rolls are appetisers found in East and Southeast Asian cuisine. The Vietnamese version of this dish is typically made with chopped meat, pork, crab or chicken and veggies using rice paper wrappers, and is usually served with a sweet dipping sauce at room temperature. Our version is a deliciously tasty chicken spring roll with […]

Springbok shanks for rainy weather

Just as we start to settle into summer, the weather man announces rain for the next few days. So we better come up with a recipe suited to the colder, rainy weather! A meaty dish with red wine is always a winner and this one will not disappoint. Ingredients: • 6 Springbok shanks • 200g […]

Gravadlax Salad

This healthy summer salad is made with seasonal fruit and veggies, and topped with cured salmon. Gravadlax comes from the Scandinavian words “grav”, which means “grave” and “lax” which means “salmon”. This translates to “buried salmon”. During the Middle Ages, fisherman used to salt and lightly ferment the salmon by burying it in the sand […]