This is the perfect snack before a braai or for your guests to enjoy as a shared starter with a glass of wine. Above all, it is really simple to prepare and looks beautiful!

Cheeseboard ingredients

• 1 Large Brie cheese
• 2 Punnets ripe Bella Rosa cherry tomatoes
• 1 Large red onion
• 1 Clove of garlic
• 20g Sugar
• 4 Basil leaves
• 100ml White wine vinegar
• 100ml Olive oil (good quality)
• Coarse salt and black pepper
• 150g Mixed exotic nuts (Cashews, Brazil, Macadamia, Almonds, etc.)
• 1 Packet mixed fresh herbs
• 1 Ciabatta
• 10ml Black Gold Balsamic Reduction

cheeseboard tomatoesnuts

1. Heat the oven to 90 degrees Celsius, bake Brie cheese for 20 minutes and then place it on a serving platter.
2. Heat the olive oil; fry the diced red onion and tomatoes until soft; then add the garlic, sugar and white wine vinegar.
3. Allow to cool, shred the sweet basil into the tomato mix.
4. In a separate pan, dry fry the nuts and add the coarse salt. Fry until nicely toasted, not burnt.
5. Remove the cheese from the oven; top it with the tomato mix, nuts and fresh herbs.
6. Decorate plate with Black Gold Balsamic Reduction. Serve with warm Ciabatta bread.


Cheesebord plating    cheeseboard almost ready2