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Quick and easy Tarte Tatin

The legend goes that the Tatin sisters was once busy making an apple tart but left it in the oven for too long. In an attempt to try and salvage it, they decided to serve it turned upside down and their guests loved it! This is a delicious dessert that every foodie should have in […]

Pulled Pork Sliders

These pulled pork rolls are served with coleslaw – the delicious meatiness of the pork with a hint of sweetness goes beautifully with the crunchy, creamy coleslaw. A great dish to enjoy on a Saturday afternoon with an ice cold beer. Ingredients: • 1 Shoulder of pork • 10ml Crushed coriander seeds • 5ml Cinnamon […]

Exotic Kudu sausage with a chocolate and red wine sauce

This impressive recipe is for Kudu sausage with exotic mushrooms and dates, served on cauliflower and Parmesan mash with a chocolate-red wine reduction. Delicious and decadent with a homely touch! Ingredients: • 500g minced Kudu • 25ml AB Products Black Gold balsamic reduction • 1 chopped red onion • 2 Garlic cloves • 1 Punnet […]

How to make the perfect Hazelnut Latte

Anybody can make a fairly decent cup of coffee but to make the perfect Latte with the delicious addition of Hazelnut syrup is a skill worth learning! In this blog, we show you step by  step how to make the PERFECT Latte: Ingredients: • Frothed milk • 2 Shots espresso. • 20ml AB Products Hazelnut […]

Springbok rolls with chilli sauce

These Springbok rolls are packed with oriental flavours and is served as a cold starter. It makes an eye-catching dish served with our Sweet Fire Chilli Sauce. Did you know that cabbage is rich in Vitamins C and K? So, it’s good for you too! Ingredients: • 150g Springbok loin • 10ml Sesame oil • […]

Oryx (‘Gemsbok’) loin stuffed with mushroom mixture

This dish requires a methodical approach and is simple to prepare. You can test a few of your cooking skills while preparing the Oryx loin: stuffing the loin and wrapping it in bacon (we arranged the bacon on a sheet of foil which is then used to evenly wrap the loin), and then deglazing the […]