About Us

Earliest memories

abeAbe’s fondest food memory was eating his mother’s “Seerower” (pirate) eggs for breakfast. This simple egg and toast combination was the start of a long love affair with food that steered him towards studying Food Management. An internship at a top restaurant in Stellenbosch only further served to inspire him to continue in his chosen direction of creating beautiful and original food.

Creativity in food is art

Abe is most creative when he is creating a picture perfect plate and then expertly adds ingredient by ingredient for rich combination of taste and texture that promises a delightful sensory experience.

He has a unique gift of visualising the completed dish in colour and uses all of his creative powers when designing the menu to bring a full palate of taste delights to life. This is true food art!

Sensational sauces

In 2004 Abe and his wife, Karike, started a coffee shop in Paarl called Kikka and Black Gold was initially developed to decorate plates at Kikka. In 2005 they opened Noop, a very successful restaurant in Paarl, further encouraged Abe’s love of cooking and it created a space where he could concentrate on creating interesting sauces.products for about us page

By 2009 Abe and Karike had two children and a restaurant with a popular dinner service. When they got the opportunity to sell Noop in 2012, shortly after it was nominated as the best restaurant in Paarl by TripAdvisor, they did which allowed them to spend more time with their young family. Abe also saw this as an opportunity to focus his energy on creating an inspiring, gourmet food products. AB Products (Pty) Ltd was founded to manufacture Black Gold and develop an extended range of sauces.

AB Oils and Viinegar reduction 2pack 002 compressed

“Sauce is like love, it covers a multitude of sins!” He believes that anyone can cook a beautiful, gourmet-inspired meal with the help of fresh, quality ingredients and a secret ingredient or sauce. A great sauce and creative presentation are two key ingredients that anyone can master and this is where Abe thinks he can help everyday cooks. AB Products’ range of gourmet sauces, oils and mayonnaise can transform any meal into a culinary sensation. His passionate love of food compels him to always improve the offering of condiments and to bring out your creative genius in the kitchen!

The flagship product

Black Gold started as a decorative addition to the plates at Kikka (the coffee shop owned by Abe and his wife, Karike) but was soon used to also add flavour to his dishes as well. When friends and customers started asking for Black Gold to use at their homes or to buy as a gift, Abe then decided to make Black Gold available to everyone and production started. Today, AB Products are available in selected retail stores like Pick ‘n Pay, Spar and Checkers.

The secret recipe of Black Gold has been enhanced over the years to capture the finest flavor and today it is a must-have in any kitchen.