• Syrups

    Sweet and delicious, our syrups provide the perfect partner to coffee, milkshakes and desserts.


    Sauces to transform ordinary dishes into culinary masterpieces. Malagasy Green, Meditterrano and Sweet Fire chilli sauce will inspire.

  • Black Gold

    Our flagship product is a delectably versatile sauce that will complement anything from steak to strawberries.


    A secret Tuscan blend of Frantoio, Leccino and Coratina provides a peppery note and leaves a lingering, smooth buttery aftertaste.

  • Mayonnaise

    Quality mayonnaise made with the best products. Three distinct flavours and an original version for the classic mayo aficionado.

  • Sun-Joy

    Sun-Joy’s seedless raisins are a nutritious and healthy lunchbox addition, rich in B vitamins and iron.